OPEN CALL is now closed, thanks for all applications! Answers will come in early April.

A floating symposium on digesting a fjord landscape

The artist group Skifte.Land wants to invite artists, researchers and others to participate in a six-day voyage aboard the Hardangerjekta sailing boat Mathilde in September 2022. The journey goes from the fruit producing villages in inner Hardanger and to Bergen city on the West coast of Norway.

The participants will create a floating symposium where we digest the fjord landscape through history, art and questions about how a future green and blue shift can be possible.  During the voyage we will taste, harvest, think big and look for signs of changes  on land and in the fjords.

We are looking for participants who work with questions about ecology, agriculture, the sea and the use of natural resources. The  participants joining the sailing symposium will bring (with them)  or produce works that can be shown, eaten or performed on board or on land during one of the five stops.


The Hardanger fjord and the journey to Bergen offer meetings with various rural communities and land/seascapes. We start in a fruit-producing landscape, sail past power-intensive industries and traditional agricultural settlements with proud handicraft traditions. At the end of the fjord we meet the ocean and the fishing industries and finally arrive in the city with channels to the world. We gather eatables from the fjord and the sea to the weekend in Bergen, where we take in the city and offer food and impressions from a slow sailing. 

The harbour stops will revolve around these topics:

AGA: Lowtech meets hightech – with the history of land reforms as a backdrop

LOFTHUS: Simplicity and diversity in the production of food for the future – loss or development?

ØYSTESE: The container and the boat – for gathering food and stories?

AUSTEVOLL: Foraging and harvesting – avoiding the tragedy of the commons?

BERGEN: Digestion – impressions from the voyage presented in the city’s harbor

Where and when

Sept. 19th–25th 2022:

Sailing with Mathilde where we meet the public at Agatunet, Lofthus, Øystese, Austevoll and Bergen. Time must be set aside for travel before and after these dates 

( Documentation from the voyage will be part of an ongoing exhibition at Kunsthuset Kabuso from 17th Sept – 11th Nov. 2022 ) 


As a participant, you will be part of the crew on the sailing ship Mathilde from Hardanger to Bergen during 6 days, with simple accommodation on board and all meals made by the ship’s chef. You will  participate in seminars and activities at the stops along the way, with a program created by Skifte.Land where knowledge and art are intertwined. At some of the stops, professionals (everything from craftsmen to professors) will contribute with perspectives on the topics we address.

During the journey, we want you to share your artistic process with the other fellow participants and locals we meet. Maybe you have a work you want to show or develop, a workshop, a performance, a dish, a story or something completely different? You are welcome to choose one of the stops and themes, as one of your focal points for inspiration.

Events at the stops will be  mainly facilitated in Norwegian, but we will adapt the language on board to English, if there are participants who do not understand Norwegian, Swedish or Danish.

You get

Support per artist / participant: 5000 NOK – paid after the voyage (October).

We are still applying for funding to be able to give more in fees, but we encourage you to apply for own travel expenses etc. from local or national funds. Board and lodging are included. 


Send an application that contains a CV, portfolio or link to your website / SoMe account and a text of a maximum of 400 words with your reflections on:

––– How is the theme of the symposium inspiring for your artistic practice?

––– Is it one of the topics for the stops that interests you in particular? If you already have an idea you want to develop on the trip, feel free to tell us about it!

Send application as one complete PDF to by 15th March 2022.
Questions can be asked to